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Personal Trainers To Watch

Personal Trainers to Watch

Congratulations to 2015 PTTW Winner Greg Johnson



Christopher Clawson - President, Life Fitness


Cristiano Parente - 2014 PTTW Winner 


Kim Ingleby - 2013 Personal Trainer to Watch


Anthony J. Wall - American Council on Exercise


Richard Beddie- Exercise Association of New Zealand


László Zopcsák - EuropeActive

Personal Trainers to watch Partners 





Contest Overview

We're called Life Fitness for a reason, because helping people live healthier lives is more than just our business, it's our passion. Commitment, it's what sets us apart. That’s why, together with the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPs), EuropeActive, Life Fitness Academy and the American Council on Exercise® (ACE®), we’re searching the globe for personal trainers who embody the same mission and passion for fitness that we do. 

If you think you are one of the world’s top Personal Trainer to Watch, or know someone who deserves the title, enter now. The top 10 finalists will compete in a live global judging event where they will create workouts and demonstrate their teaching skills to name the world’s best trainer. One grand-prize winner will be announced at the awards dinner following the event and will receive $5,000 USD toward his/her personal training business.

What makes an exceptional personal trainer?

Life Fitness defines exceptional personal trainers as those who stand out in their profession when compared to peers in their local market, in the following ways

  • They spend a majority of their professional time focused on the personal training field and working to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle
  • They not only encourage healthy lifestyles in their clients, they show results
  • They seek continuous education and look to master new innovative training technique
  • They tailor their training technique to their clients’ needs and personality
  • They can demonstrate how they support not only their clients, but their community
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